Dual Chronometry: How ultra-accurate fractional pulse counting saves money.

http://azidowebservices.com/products/website-builder-personal/ Sureworks has developed a device for flow meter calibration that utilizes dual chronometry (double timing) to make flow meter calibration much quicker, more accurate, smaller and much less costly.

buy modafinil The cost savings add up:

  • The system is smaller, more compact, it uses less volume so tanks, pumps and other equipment can cost less.
  • Traditionally, 10,000 pulses were required to achieve 0.01% accuracy, but now sample times can be a small fraction of that, reducing calibration/validation times and increasing throughput.
  • Accuracy: This more accurate, repeatable, precise system allows for less error and more calibration value to the customer. A more accurate calibration can be sold at a higher price.

Here is the datasheet: