Skills To Pay The Bills

Since every engineer loves to rattle off a long list of tools and platforms they’ve worked on, here’s a rundown of the tools we’ve used and our skills.

Skills follow link do pay the bills, after all.

click Electrical Engineering Tools

altium designer logo

  • Altium designer
  • A full suite of prototyping and testing tools such as logic analysers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, and solder/desolder tools.
  • Reflow oven for small SMT parts Firmware/Embedded

  • Embedded programming: Sureworks has developed handheld, micropower battery-sipping devices that can leverage the latest in microcontroller technology. Sureworks has been utilizing several microprocessors, and has specialized in MSP430 processors since its introduction in the 1990’s

atmel_logo MSP-430-2-copy 5661 PIC-MCU-Chip

  • Computer vision: Sureworks and its subcontractors have developed computer vision algorithms for the detection and analysis of biological events. Techniques leveraging open-source OpenCV, Deep Learning, and GPGPU/CUDA have been implemented.

2000px-OpenCV_Logo_with_text_svg_version.svg NV_CUDA_wider

Mechanical engineering services


  • Solidworks designers part of the Sureworks team are able to create any imaginable enclosure or mechanism.
  • Rapid-turn sheet metal enclosures.
  • Same-day 3D prints in ABS, PLA, HIPS and other plastics